How To Buy Websites by N. Hussein

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Congratulations – you’ve identified the sort of website you’d like to buy, you’ve eliminated the dross and evaded the scammers, and the website you’ve shortlisted checks out OK under the closer scrutiny of due diligence. Now all you have to do is hand over the money. Don’t you? Hold it! Not so fast, buster. Here […]

OK, so you’ve decided the sort of website you’re after. You’ve carried out the quick checks to eliminate the obvious dross from your search. Now it’s worth spending more time and effort on finding out whether your potential gold mine has seams worth working or is exhausted, or if you’re being shown fool’s gold. This […]

Keep the red flags flying In the previous two articles, we’ve seen an overview of the virtual real estate market, looked at how things can go disastrously wrong if you go into this market without knowing what you’re doing, and how to find ideal targets to buy by looking in the right places. Now, we’ll […]

The first step in looking for your ideal website is to establish just what it is you’re looking for. You might get lucky and stumble across the site of your dreams, but you’ll save a lot of time if you go about it systematically. Decide what you’re looking for There are two elements you need […]

In this article we’ll take a look at online real estate, what it comprises, and the benefits and risks of investing in it. This is still a relatively new market and, whilst you’ve missed the first wave of the gold rush and even subsequent ones, there are still wonderful opportunities to invest in online real […]